Personal Training and Manual Therapy

Personal training is just that… personal. Kam has worked with all client types. If he had to pick a niche, it would be mobility and pre/post-rehab work. Injury prevention and ease of movement are paramount in a successful training program. Clients train to lose weight, gain strength, or have a specific goal. These are all the “reasons” for coming in, but what get’s people to stay fit is joy and the emotions behind what they are doing. Kam will help you find your “why” and make the process effortless. Programing starts with an extensive assessment and a progressive and logical plan is laid out. Qualitative and quantitative goals are outlined and all possible challenges are addressed in a way that is sustainable and progressive.

Rates start at 150/session. Consultations are complimentary.

“Make it so easy that people can’t fail.” If there are words to live by in the world of health and fitness, those are it. People get lost, intimated, and ultimately disappointed because there’s a million starting points and the outcome seems to always be the same… resulting back to square one. Behaviour dictates results. People chase results but neglect the one component that perpetuates their success. Kam’s approach is simple, use logical, personable, and specific goals to achieve a permanent life long change.

Manual Therapy is a hands-on manipulation of soft tissue. Kam studied at IPSB in San Diego following his years at SDSU where he earned his Bachelors in Kinesiology. 3 years of Bodywork school lead to over 1200 hours of study and an Associates in Holistic Health.

Kam is a CA certified massage therapist, certified Structural Integrationist using the Rolf Method of Structural Integration thought by Ed Maupin, arguably the greatest Rolfer alive.

Structural Integration / Rolfing is a therapy that is rooted in cultivating awareness on a physical, mental and emotional level. We work with fascia to the level of bone, we use movement to reorganize the body and mind, we work at a level in which clients find the deepest understanding of themselves.

It’s deep work, a form of psycho-somatic bodywork that traditionally is done in ten consecutive sessions known simply as the “10 series.” 10 sessions to unravel the body and put it back together. Starting from the outside and working deep into the core, we can then reorganize movement and awareness as a whole.

Other manual therapy modalities include neuromuscular therapy, scar tissue work, deep tissue, sensory repatterning, movement-based modalities and body awareness drills to decrease pain, increase mobility and make movement effortless.

FRCms – Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist. FR is a system of movement optimization used by every MLB team as well as numerous NFL, NBA and MLS teams. The system is supported by the latest research in exercise science. What makes it unique is the focus on joints, specifically joint capsule mobilization and training through CAR’s – controlled articular range of motion exercises. These drills are designed to systematically mobilize and train movement to be more effortless and have been proven to mitigate injury risk, especially risk associated with sports injuries. There’s a reason why the pros use FR methods, it works at the highest level.

Bodywork sessions range from 150-200 per hour.

Kam Norng